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HEAR ME RAW Launches Collaboration with Fred Segal

HEAR ME RAW Launches Collaboration with Fred Segal

Indie skincare brand HEAR ME RAW has teamed up with iconic LA-based retailer Fred Segal to launch a co-branded, co-designed, limited edition skincare collection to underscore the importance of natural ingredients and sustainability in skincare, on July 5, 2023, with a portion of the proceeds will go to 1% for the Planet.

This “people and planet first” initiative features HEAR ME RAW’s powerful, plant-based, cruelty-free, multi-use formulas in new, beautifully designed, interchangeable, refillable glass jars and lids and recyclable refill pods. The design captures the classically cool Fred Segal look with its red, white and blue color palette- perfect for the July 4th holiday- with the jars being statement pieces designed to be used and kept displayed for a lifetime. 

The HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal Collection

This marks HEAR ME RAW's first collaboration and its formal foray into a retail destination. At the same time, it serves as the first time Fred Segal has embarked upon a co-branded exclusive beauty partnership. The limited-edition products will be available at the Fred Segal Sunset Boulevard Flagship, the Malibu and Studio City locations, and ($42 each/$28 for refills).

Women peering over HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal Collection

 All HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal skincare products are:

  • Developed with the finest raw ingredients sourced from around the world and made in the USA
  • Plant-based skincare formulated with energy-rich, high-potency earth-borne ingredients that are best for skin + health
  • Cruelty-Free, vegan skincare that has and never will be tested on animals
  • Dermatologist-tested and approved
  • Refillable packaging system that uses 86% less packaging and saves money vs. typical skincare jars

Showing the refillability of HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal jars

The HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal collection is composed of four powerful products ($42 each) and four refillable pods ($28 each), and include:

The Hydrator with Prickly Pear+ Ultra-Nourishing Moisturizer for naturally soft, healthy, moisturized, radiantly glowing skin:

HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal The Hydrator with open jar

The Clarifier with French Green Clay+ Oil-Controlling Rub-Off Mask for healthy, deep-pore clean and clear skin:

HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal The Clarifier open jar


The Brightener with Chlorophyll+ Oxygenating Rinse-Off Mask for firmer, brighter, more radiant, younger-looking skin:

HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal The Brightener with open jar

The Detoxifier with Charcoal+ Purifying Rub-Off Mask for healthy, polished, purified, detoxified radiant skin:

HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal The Detoxifier open jar

"We really want to make a difference in the industry on behalf of the people we serve. In our industry, 100 billion pieces of packaging materials wind up in landfills every year. It’s both irresponsible and unacceptable. That’s why we designed a refillable packaging system using one common glass jar and lid for every product and recyclable refill pods that fit into all using 86% less packaging than similar sized brands. No other brand does that. Keeping packaging out of landfills is vital since you can’t take the best from the earth (plant-based ingredients) and pollute the earth at the same time,” explains Mike Indursky, Founder of HEAR ME RAW.

The anatomy of the HEAR ME RAW x FRED SEGAL jar


Ashley Petrie, Senior Vice President Merchandising at Fred Segal said, “At the heart of our brand, Fred Segal has always embraced authenticity and timeless style, and as we evolve, we understand the increasing significance of sustainable beauty and the demand for products that prioritize the well-being of both individuals and the planet. It is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with Hear Me Raw, a brand that shares our commitment to conscious living. Together, we proudly present a collection of natural skincare products that embodies our shared vision and elevates our customers' beauty routines. 

Applying HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal The Brightener
Indursky continues, “What an extraordinary experience to collaborate with Fred Segal, a true legacy in the world of lifestyle shopping, on an exclusive collection based on underscoring that sustainability message. We're taking this new category of powerful, plant-based skincare to Fred Segal and custom-designed our interchangeable, refillable packaging jars in the Fred Segal style so they become statement pieces to keep for a lifetime. As jars should.”

Two HEAR ME RAW x Fred Segal lids over woman's eyes

HEAR ME RAW has more collaborations down the road. "We have an important story to tell and we'll keep finding creative, inventive, environmentally-forward people and brands to help share the word", says Indursky. 

For more information check out the Fred Segal Sunset Boulevard Flagship, the Malibu and Studio City locations, or reach HEAR ME RAW directly at

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