I've been in the beauty and wellness industry for almost 30 years (yikes!) and in that time a lot has changed. But what hasn't changed is that the industry is still selling...

  • Ingredients you shouldn't be putting on your skin
  • In packaging that's bad for the environment
  • Making promises they can't keep
  • For prices that are too high
  • For products you don't need

And this is an industry about making people feel better about themselves!

People are fed up. Their voices are loud - they want to be heard and have something done about it.

In a recent survey of women across the US:

  • 87% said that truly natural ingredients are important to them
  • 94% said that beauty packaging is excessive, wasteful, deceptive and/or not sustainable.
  • 85% said they wished it were easier and simpler to shop
  • 79% said that skincare brands overpromise what they do

You spoke. We listened, and did something about it.

We created HEAR ME RAW - skincare that truly honors women because it’s best for skin, their health, their budget and the world around them. It’s just a few of the most effective multi-purpose treatments on earth to address your most important skin care needs and do it Powerfully. Naturally. Sustainably. Beautifully.

Better than "Clean."

“Clean” doesn’t mean natural. Our products are truly natural, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and worry-free. And they’re super powerful using a panoply of carefully selected plant and earth-borne ingredients working together for maximum benefit. And we don’t, and will never use parabens, toxins, petro-chemicals, phthalates, silicones, hormone disruptors or any other crap that shouldn’t go anywhere on or near your skin.

Save the planet and some money.

Save the planet and some money. Our unique refill package system follows the 3 R’s of sustainability - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We Reduce with multi-purpose products in reusable jars and lids, and eliminate plastic discs and spatulas. We Reuse the glass jars using refill pods. We Recycle using cartons made from recycled paper, with all components recyclable. The system saves almost 90% of the packaging materials used for similar skincare containers* and you save $10 each time you use our refill pod.


And it doesn’t stop there. Helping improve lives is much more than just making great products.

Our partnerships with like-minded organizations and thought leaders as well as our Beauty + Being content are intended to help people lead happier and more sustainable lives. In our own lives and our business, our team members strive to be responsible global citizens and focus on the greater good. Last, and most important, we want to hear from you. We WILL listen and ACT. And continue to do so to ensure we do our absolute best for you. So let’s Hear YOU Raw.

Happy everything!

Mike Indursky
Founder, Hear Me Raw