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Starting each day at peak state

Getting to 'Peak State' - 5 Ways to Kickstart Each Morning

“I had a great day today!” It’s one of the most satisfying feelings. Now, imagine having that feeling day after day. It will lead to a happiness and productivity quotient and momentum that will make you feel unbeatable. The truth is, that end of day feeling is often predetermined by your mental, emotional and physical state at the beginning of the day. And you can control that by starting your day at “peak state”. Peak state is where you are at a mental, emotional and physical high point. At peak state you’ll have boundless energy, positivity and vigor and it’s one of the best ways of ensuring a happy, productive day and overall outlook on work and life. So, here are five power boost practices I use every day to get to peak state.


Morning Reading

When you wake up, you’re typically at a rested yet weakened state. You haven’t built up the physical, mental or emotional state to tend to heavy matters. That’s why reading emails or the news is one of the worst ways to start your day. Most emails are junk, and most work emails are assignments, problems that need to be addressed, meeting schedules, etc. Not exactly breakfast in bed! It’s the same with reading the news. It’s filled with all the problems and negative energy in the world. In both cases, you’re starting your day in a bad place and you just want to curl up in bed and hide. Instead, wait to address those only after you achieve peak state. 


Morning Exercise

Exercising each morning is a vital part of achieving peak state. It increases blood flow, getting more oxygen in the body, and makes you feel stronger and more powerful. It even encourages you to make healthier choices throughout the day. And sometimes what seems like a little can go a long way. There are great apps like The 7-Minute Workout which WILL work you out! Since COVID, when my gym closed, I work out at home just doing variations of pushups, sit-ups, lunges and pull-ups. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up. And because I work most days from my apartment, every two hours throughout the day, I may do more pushups, or sit-ups to keep the blood flowing, boost my energy, and maintain that feeling of strength. I save cardio for the end of the day. 


The Brightener with Chlorophyll

Every morning I use The Brightener by Hear Me Raw and it makes my skin come alive. One of the most frequent comments we hear about The Brightener is, “it’s like an energy booster for my face,” and it is. It’s filled with chlorophyll, spirulina, and lemon peel to oxygenate, lactic acid, phytic acid and bakuchiol to exfoliate, and matcha green tea and swiss cress sprout extract for antioxidants that protect the skin. You’ll feel it working instantly, with that great tingling sensation on your skin. I actually put it on when I wake up and then do my exercises. So, after 15 minutes, it’s time to shower up, and The Brightener has done its job. 


Healthy Breakfast

Everyone knows the importance of a healthy breakfast, so there’s nothing I can add here other than stress its importance in getting to peak state. During the workweek, my breakfast is almost always the same. I make my own granola every two weeks and store it for my breakfasts. I top the granola with organic blueberries which are the most nutrient-rich berries and very high in antioxidants. I add pomegranate seeds which are high in fiber and also great antioxidants, and raspberries or strawberries as well. I don’t use milk or yogurt as it feels heavy in me and I prefer a lighter breakfast. The moisture from the berries and seeds is all I need. I do sprinkle some dark chocolate chips on top which are great antioxidants and increase blood flow (and I have a sweet tooth). You’ll feel strong, satisfied, yet light on your feet.


Peak State Doing Morning Mantra

A lot of my thinking on peak state came from motivational speaker Tony Robbins. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the premiere of the documentary “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” where he invited me to attend his next seminar A Date With Destiny. There he told us his routine for getting into peak state, and whereas I don’t have access to an ice cold plunge pool, I have created a mantra that I recite each morning that, with all the above steps, is the final step in getting me to peak state. I sit at my computer with my peak state mantra on the screen with my arms above me in a V-shape and my fists closed tight, feeling powerful and victorious. I repeat out loud, “Today’s going to be an AMAZING day. Today’s going to be an AMAZING day.” Then I say why. What am I doing, or what have I decided to stop doing, that will make for an amazing day. Finally, I repeat my four “power virtues” to remind me of my strengths which support why and how I’ll achieve the day’s goals. I keep repeating this until I’m READY. When I feel the words as truths. It may take 30 seconds, it may take a few minutes, but once I’m finished, I feel that I can face ANYTHING!

When I’m done, I’m at peak state. I feel strong physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel like Superman. Now, I can face every obstacle that comes my way and approach it with vim and vigor. This allows me to work and live in a positive, upbeat and productive way and with that more good things happen. So, I can end almost every day with, “I had a great day today!”


Do you have other tips for getting into peak state? Share them in the comments below. And have a great day today!


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